• n. 绒毛;错误;无价值的东西
  • vt. 念错;抖松;使…起毛
  • vi. 起毛;出错;变松

[ 复数 fluffs 过去式 fluffed 过去分词 fluffed 现在分词 fluffing 第三人称单数 fluffs ]

fluff [ flʌf ]
  • n.
    • any light downy material
    • something of little value or significance

      同义词: bagatelle frippery frivolity

    • a blunder (especially an actor's forgetting the lines)
  • v.
    • make a mess of, destroy or ruin

      同义词: botch bodge bumble fumble botch up muff blow flub screw up ball up spoil muck up bungle bollix bollix up bollocks bollocks up bobble mishandle louse up foul up mess up fuck up

    • erect or fluff up

      同义词: ruffle

    • ruffle (one's hair) by combing towards the ends towards the scalp, for a full effect

      同义词: tease