• n. 大头钉;方针(tack的复数形式)
  • v. 用平头钉钉住;附加;改变政策(tack的第三人称单数形式)
  • n.
    • the heading or position of a vessel relative to the trim of its sails
    • a short nail with a sharp point and a large head
    • gear for a horse

      同义词: stable gear saddlery

    • (nautical) a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind

      同义词: sheet mainsheet weather sheet shroud

    • (nautical) the act of changing tack

      同义词: tacking

    • sailing a zigzag course
  • v.
    • fasten with tacks

      "tack the notice on the board"

    • turn into the wind

      "The sailors decided to tack the boat"; " The boat tacked"

      同义词: wear round

    • create by putting components or members together

      "He tacked together some verses"

      同义词: assemble piece put together set up tack together

    • sew together loosely, with large stitches

      同义词: baste

    • fix to; attach

      同义词: append tag on tack on hang on

    • reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action)

      同义词: interchange switch alternate flip flip-flop